Loans without private credit – the dream of fast money

Once spent too much money or made an unscheduled cash dispensing and it’s already happened: the money is not enough until the end of the month or for other important purchases that are still in the room. Everyone has probably experienced this problem before, but the situation is a bit more precarious if you also have negative private credit entries. But even with these it is possible to solve his money problems with a loan.

Money with young families

Loans become necessary for a variety of purposes

Credit problems

Almost everyone in Germany has at least once thought about possibly taking a loan. The reasons for this can be completely different:

  • Bridging small financial bottlenecks
  • Purchase of kitchen appliances
  • Financing a car
  • Acquisition of a property

First and foremost, in the area of ​​reasons for taking out a loan, there is the purchase of a car and the purchase of a property. These two areas are so credit-prone, because they are usually associated with particularly high expenses, which applies in particular to the home purchase. Practically no one can save such a large sum and the big advantage is that you can use the property completely even during the loan period. Often, however, it is in the financial field, the little things that bring the proverbial barrel in the month to overflow. If, for example, the washing machine or the refrigerator breaks unpredictably, this usually requires an immediate replacement, because these devices are indispensable for an orderly household management. Now, for people who have a sufficiently good credit rating, the problem is usually not too big, because the lender can not detect any inconsistencies in the information obtained from private credit. But what is the situation if there are already negative entries?

Dubious credit brokers are the last straw for many people

Then it can often be dangerous, if a rejection comes after the next fluttered into the house. One mistake that people make comparatively often in such situations is to fall for the deceptive lock offers of dubious credit intermediaries. They seem to provide in the seemingly hopeless situation exactly that uncomplicated, what one urgently needs. Unfortunately, even these dubious credit intermediaries are well aware of their own plight and exploit these shamelessly with promises. So much closer is it to research thoroughly at least once and concentrate on the few serious offers:

  • There are serious loans even without a credit check
  • These are the lenders but usually very expensive to pay
  • Banks estimate this sometimes even 20 percent interest

Normally, it is the case with traditional banks with negative private credit entries even with comparatively small loan applications already no longer has any chances. However, there are also banks where they do not lead to exclusion per se. Rather, it is an enormously high interest rate of up to 20 percent, which then usually classify consumers as unacceptable. Often, guarantees from more solvent persons are required in this context.

Comparison of offers leads directly to a saving of costs

In the case of the so-called Swiss loans, as loans without a private credit request are also called, borrowers also accept inadequate participation rights in relation to the formalities of the loan. This means that they usually can not freely choose the loan amount and even with the maturity more or less have to take what they are offered at all. Accordingly, online comparison portals have become established on the net, giving consumers an overview of the current credit conditions. In particular, non-schuffed instant loans are not only enjoying growing popularity, but are also increasingly being included in the portfolio of portal operators. They provide loan seekers with solvent lenders who specialize in a quick and free application within a few business days. This can even work within 24 hours with so-called express loans. Thus, it is clear that comparison offers are always worthwhile:

  • They allow a quick comparison of all providers in the market
  • The best interest rate can be practically found out only in this way uncomplicated
  • Loans can also be requested here directly and quickly

The great advantage of the Internet is the enormous variety of offers, which should definitely be used in this context. It is also important not to accept the first offer directly, because this is rarely the best.

Alternatives to the credit without private credit are also worth considering

If all else fails in the end, you can look around for various alternatives to credit without private credit. To think here is above all the following possibilities:

money source advantages disadvantage
Friends or relatives Fast availability Burden of relationship
Sale of objects Quick money Loss of the thing
Recording another job Input of own resources More additional burden

Of course, the obvious thing is to take an extra job or ask for a salary increase when you realize that the money just does not want to last. Since such demand occurs more often but very quickly, such adjustments usually do not lead to the goal. Therefore, the sale of unused items from the household may turn out to be the better option. There are many marketplaces on the Internet in 2017, some of which even come without the collection of sales fees. In addition – and this is actually a well-known method – you can sometimes ask friends and / or relatives for money. However, one should be careful not to strain the relationship unnecessarily.

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