Debt consolidation payday loans -Convenient payday loan consolidation

Relieve your wallet with convenient payday loan consolidation program

How would you like to combine several payday loans into one single? What would you say that it is possible to save up to thousands of crowns a month by this step?  If you really need help…, consolidating payday loans is what really helps you.

This banking product is offered to all clients with sufficient creditworthiness, which can receive up to CZK 700,000. In rare cases, it is even CZK 2,500,000 with a maturity of 96 months. But let’s get this professional refinancing model a bit more.

Table of installments Consolidation of CS loans

Table of installments Consolidation of CS loans

Left to pay Repayment period Monthly installment Interest rate APR Total
20.000 Kč 24 months 999 Kč 14.3% * 16.46% * t 23.162 Kč *
CZK 100,000 36 months 3.285 Kč 7.7% * 8.80% * 112.681 Kč *
350.000 CZK 60 months 7.833 Kč 11.2% * 12.24% * 457.804 Kč *
700.000 CZK 120 months 8.149 Kč 5.9% * 6.26% * 917.606 Kč *

With proper repayment and forgiveness of installments.

Representative example: For example, consolidate loans totaling CZK 280,000 for which you set a maturity of 96 months. You will receive an interest rate of 12.3% and an APR of 13.6% from Credit Sportify, which is affected by a fee of CZK 2,800 for handling the loan. You will be free from credit management and a newly created personal account. With a monthly payment of CZK 4 627, you will pay a total of CZK 444 192. However, for proper repayment, up to 12 repayments can be forgiven, then the credit terms would be as follows: 84 repayments, an interest rate of 9.4%, an APR of 10.7% and a total payment of CZK 388,668.

Merging loans without any delays

Merging loans without any delays

Lighten your wallet by saving monthly by consolidating a number of enjoyable benefits. The biggest advantage is the interest rate starting at 6.9%. Furthermore, it is an administrative modesty, sending money to the client’s account within 5 minutes and adjusting the installment to your own family budget.

In case of proper repayment, you will be delayed up to 15 monthly installments. And if you happen to be afraid of failing to pay these obligations, be aware that you will be able to insure repayment insurance. This covers both death and disability, as well as job losses and incapacity for work.

Consolidation of loans from Credit Sportify will gain you with its simplicity and the possibility to withdraw from the contract within 60 days. Refinance your debts without undue delay and take advantage of the most advantageous solution on the market. This is, moreover, accessible through a practical online application.